Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Five Tips" on Becoming a Successful AVON Representative!

I love being an AVON representative and you will too!! Of course the extra money is good but I also love being able to offer products to women that make them "Look and Feel Gorgeous"!!
Here are my "Top 5" selling tips on becoming a Successful Avon Representative! Welcoming all comments and questions

1. Learn how each product should be used and try them yourself so you can talk to your customers from experience

-People tend to buy more from sales reps if they use it themselves. Be an example for your products!

2. Make skin care products your #1 selling product

-Because AVON is the #1 Brand in the Skin Care industry you can be confident that people will be satisfied with the products and plus they will earn you the most profit!

3. Host an event or in-home party and invite everyone you know and everyone they know.

-Invite everyone a month ahead of time and remind them in between. Have product samples and extra brochures to show during your party. Have games, and a makeover contest. Ladies will love that. Invite men as well!

4. Carry samples and brochures everywhere you go (hair salons especially)

-Everyone is a potential customer but it takes the right questions to discover what products your customers need.

5. Always try to get contact information from potential customers

-If you give an Avon brochure to a person on the street or at a store its best that you try to get their name and phone number just to follow up with them. Even better if you get 1-2 names of other people they think might want to buy products!

I hope this is helpful for anyone currently selling Avon or those interested in Joining AVON!
For more information please feel free to contact me by email

And Remember "Look and Feel Gorgeous" with AVON!